Palacio del Inka: Luxury In The Heart of Cusco


The Palacio del Inka Cusco Hotel Review is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Getting There: A taxi from the airport can easily be arranged for 15 soles ($4.60). The hotel tries to charge that amount or more in dollars.

The Luxury Collection continues to impress. This time was with my stay at the Palacio del Inka in Cusco. For 5000 points and $75, I was treated to an upscale hotel right in the heart of the city.

Checking In
I love the welcome drink especially when it is coca tea. Nothing to cure the jet lag from the delayed flights like some herbal tea. The next treat was learning that I had been upgraded to a suite. Those words never get old.

The Room
The room was perfect. The living room had a couch, TV, and minibar. A Snickers bar was $3 which is a sign that this hotel is pricey. Both the bedroom and the living room had a private patios with great views of the city.

The Bedroom
A king size bed and comfy pillows was where I found myself after the tremendous delays. The only exploring I did upon arrival was finding the best position to sleep.

The Bathroom
This hotel provided plenty of towels. I hate when hotels only provide three sets. Here, the hotel provided four, enough for two sets per person.

The Spa
The spa is awesome. It has different jet stations for massaging everything. There is a charge for entering the spa, but the hotel included it for free because it was closing in twenty minutes. I highly suggest visiting.

The Location
The hotel is right in the heart of Cusco. It is walking distance to the Machu Picchu ticket center and the Plaza de Armas, Cusco’s famous square.

palacio del inka hotel review

Clearly, this hotel is deserving of being part of the Luxury Collection. I’m glad I had the points to stay here instead of a backpacker hostel.


  1. Seems overpriced in points+cash for my taste. My guess that room rate is no more than $150/nt so paying 5K SPG for $75 discount is too much in my opinion.
    We stayed at Cusco using BA Avios: 23K for 4 nights in pretty decent place at good location, including individualized breakfast made to order.
    The design of Palacio del Inca does not look luxurious to me, except the spa. Lucks authenticity, but comfy bed may compensate it for some.

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