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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Peruvian Airlines to La Paz: Beware of the Thin Air

I’m pulling out all the stops on this trip by taking airlines that I did not know existed. In order to get from Cusco to La Paz, I booked a ticket for $100 on Peruvian Air. I was given a seat in the back of the plane with seats that were as thin as a heroin addict. There was no leg room and a nominal recline. I took comfort in the fact that this was a 737 which I hope meant that it had a good service record. Thankfully, the flight was quick and I arrived in La Paz without incident.

The interesting part of the flight was learning about the airport in La Paz. It’s the highest altitude airport in the world with an elevation of 13,325 feet. That is why it is appropriately called El Alto International Airlines. Because of the thin air, the runways have to be longer for takeoff.

Here’s another fun fact regarding the thin air: “While you may be in the practice of racing to immigration when you get off a plane, in order to avoid long queues, forget about this in La Paz. Take things very easily or you will be seriously out of breath and may suffer medical complications. Just walk slowly to the immigration area.”

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  1. So crazy! I just stayed at the Palacio del Inka in Cusco, did Machu Picchu, flew Peruvian Air to La Paz, then flew to Uyuni literally in the last week. Dunno how long ago your trip was but still such a coincidence to read this now!

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