Who Says Jail Food Is Bad? Try Prison Pizza in Montana


Montana is home to some good eats. There’s the ranch which can be found anywhere, the 2 Pound Burger Eating Contest in Drummond, the Hot Dog Eating Contest in Elliston, and the Double Cheeseburger in Missoula. I’ve added another to the must try’s by way of the Prison Pizza in Deer Lodge.

The good news is that the restaurant is open until midnight, something uncommon in much of Montana. The better news is the pizza is fantastic. And the best news is that you don’t have to be an inmate to go there.

The restaurant is appropriately called Prison Pizza because it is located directly across the street from Montana’s old prison which now provides historical tours. Seeing Alcatraz was enough for me, so I passed on the tour and went straight for the pizza.

The names of the pizza are inline with the prison theme. I ordered the Armed Robbery and was very pleased.

If you’re a hungry criminal and you happen to be in Deer Lodge, Montana, stop by Prison Pizza. 

Address: 1421, 818 Main St, Deer Lodge, MT 59722

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