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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Renaissance NY Hotel 57th: Only 57th by Name

Renaissance NY Hotel 57th Hotel Review is part of the ongoing series TPOL in NYC.

Getting There: From JFK, stick to AirTrain + Subway. It’s more convenient than AirTrain + LIRR and much cheaper than Uber.

When you think of Manhattan hotels, you think of midtown and the area around 57th Street. There you will find The Four Seasons, The Plaza, the flagship Park Hyatt NYC, The St. Regis New York, and Parker New York, formerly Hotel Review: Le Parker Méridien.


The only thing the Renaissance NY Hotel has in common with those hotels is the location on 57th and Lex. The luxury component is noticeably absent. a tall building in a city a street corner with a building and people walking on it a sign on a brick wall


Nothing special here aside from the fact that I stayed on the 13th floor. Good luck for some or bad luck like the level four in Chinese buildings? As usual, HBO Go is included. a sign on a doora hallway with a bed and a window a bed with white sheets and a wood headboard a bed with white sheets and a wood headboard a chair and two bottles of water on a table a tv on the wall


Some hotels in NY have terrible water pressure. At least that was not the case here. a bathroom with a sink and a mirror a shower with a hand shower a sink on a counter a group of small bottles on a shelf


Breakfast is included for platinums. I abstained. Here’s the sad spread: a screen on a machine trays of food on a counter a pan of food on a counter


Negative review aside, the hotel had nice decor. a white and pink balloons from the ceiling a group of purple and pink circular objects a framed picture of a woman in a flag a wall with pictures on it


“There goes the neighborhood.” That’s probably what Four Seasons said when the Dark Ages came to town.




  1. I’m kind of curious what you were expect. It’s usually the least expensive full service Marriott property in midtown (sometimes all of Manhattan) and any review indicates that its rooms are microscopic. I’ve stayed there before (based on price) but wasn’t surprised. There is not a soul on the planet – including in the ranks of that hotel – who would begin to compare it to the 4S or Park Hyatt. Just seems like uninformed and snarky.

    • I don’t think you get how I review things. Obviously, I didn’t think it was going to be PH. It’s supposed to be a tongue in cheek post.

      • Really? There’s barely any text in it and I’m not sure I’d consider it a review. More like an Instagram Story spread vertically. I’ll about wit, sarcasm and acid dipped writing. This is none of the above. It comes across of misguided and ill-informed.

        • I purposely don’t write like every other blog Fine with the critics but I’m not changing. There’s no rules of blog procedure that dictate what does or does not constitute a hotel review.

  2. How much was your room rate and how much were the rates of the other hotels? I get you say it’s tongue in cheek but nothing in your post suggests this is snarky, sarcastic, or tongue in cheek. It merely suggests that being located in the 57th street area is supposed make a hotel of a certain luxury standard. That’s obviously not true.

  3. This Hotel is trash. I’m a Marriott Rewards Gold Member and booked this hotel for a weekend with my wife a little over a year ago. Rate was expensive, so we expected a similar luxury level compared to other Renaissance Hotels we had stayed worldwide. We were so disappointed when we arrived at the hotel that I canceled our stay and we left immediately for another hotel in the area.

    • Thank you for sharing! The other comments sound like they come from employees of the hotel. Not every hotel review has to be positive people!

  4. I stayed there recently, and while I really didn’t like the hotel (I had two rooms — the beds were good, but the furniture was worse than you showed, especially in the first room, where it was a hodgepodge of pieces that didn’t fit and were incomprehensibly placed) the staff was superb. I felt welcomed and cared for in every interaction over three days.

    Note: I didn’t get that you were being sarcastic, either. Not saying you shouldn’t be, but you might look into the fact that so many people didn’t realize it.

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