Simply The Best: February 2018


Hey everybody! It’s me again, March. You know what that means? TPOL’s 4th birthday is coming up. But before I announce the plans for that exclusive party, let’s get to the best posts from February.

  1. The Failing NYT Didn’t Hire TPOL: Sad!

    “Dear TPOL, you are smart, brilliant, and witty. You are fantastic. Unfortunately, there were other applicants that were better than you. “
  2. TPOL’s Way Out of Poverty Is Not Vlogging

    TPOL briefly considered setting up a YouTube channel to expand his global brand.
  3. Franschhoek Wine Tasting Guide: A Life of Indulgence

    Franschhoek: Staying only one night was a mistake.
  4. The Best Bubbly Comes From Franschhoek, Not France

    I boldly stated that the best sushi comes from Cape Town, not Tokyo. And now I will emphatically state that the best bubbles come from Franschhoek, not France.
  5. Franschhoek Motor Museum: Holy Beep!

    Franschhoek may be famous for its wine, but for car lovers it is famous for the largest collection of motors in the Southern Hemisphere.
  6. Protea Cape Town Waterfront: A Prison, Hotel, And Business School All in One

    The hotel used to be a prison, and that’s not the strange fact. The odd thing about the hotel is that it doubles as a business school. Come to the Cape Town School of Management where you’ll experience what debtor’s prison feels like well ahead of graduation.
  7. Thank You Bachuwa Law! Barclays Honors Spend Promo

    That Alex, he sure knows his lawyering. And he didn’t charge me anything!

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