Two Words to Get a Free Airline Upgrade! And It’s Not What You Think


Did you click on Bloomberg’s article, The Two Words That Will Help Get an Airline Upgrade Over the Phone. If you did and were upset that the trick was basically nonsense (and if it wasn’t, it will absolutely be after everyone tries it), perhaps you will find humor to my admittedly click-bait post.

The two words are Fly Emirates

Don’t believe me? Take your complaints to Emirates’ market department. They’re the ones who came up with this funny commercial.

Emirates rules the skies and it definitely rules in advertising. From the Jennifer Aniston commercial to Jeremy Clarkson’s New Emirates First Commercial, the airline continues to put out clever ads. Sadly, my days of flying Emirates first long-haul may be a thing of the past thanks to Alaska’s devaluation. For nostalgia, here are the posts of my three Emirates flights:

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