Simply The Best: November 2018


Do you know who’s not the best? Those terrible Wolverines who ruined Thanksgiving by getting a proper beat down by Ohio State again, and again (see Ohio State vs. Michigan: Advanced Ticket Scalping), and again (see The Game: A Wolverine’s Guide For Surviving Columbus), and again (2016), and again (2015), and again (2014), and again (2013), and again (2012), not again (2011), and again (2010), and again (2009), and again (2008), and again (2007), and again (2006), and again (2005), and again (2004), not again (2003), and again (2002), and again (2001).

But why be bitter? Here are the best posts from November in spite of my alma mater’s pathetic performances this century.

  1. House Hunters Puerto Rico: Say No to Condado

    All I heard before coming here was how nice Condado is, how everyone who’s anyone lives in Condado, and that I, despite my desire to join Dorado Beach, would be making a mistake if I didn’t buy in Condado.
  2. House Hunters Puerto Rico: Dapper Dorado?

    On paper, and if you have enough paper, Dorado checks all those boxes. The problem is that TPOL doesn’t have enough readers to pay to live in Dorado Beach, the upscale gated community home to TPC Dorado Beach courses.
  3. Bags Recovered! Ending My Tel Aviv Ordeal

    What I don’t understand is how messing with me or those that have done nothing more than be of Arab descent is an effective security practice. It isn’t. Come up with something better.
  4. The Etiquette of Things: Sitting in the Middle When Aisle Is Available?

    I wonder what the flight attendants must have thought when they saw little TPOL squished in the corner and this other passenger acting as if this were normal.
  5. Macedonia: TPOL’s 100th Country

    My 100th country is a real country, and it is one where my namesake comes from. Alexander the Great was born in Pella which used to be part of Ancient Macedonia and is now a part of Greece.
  6. Guns & Butter: Warsaw Travel Guide

    If you’re in Warsaw, here is what I recommend doing, skipping, and attempting if you have the time.
  7. Puerto Rico Turkey Run: TPOL Wins, Then Trolls

    I placed 60th by 2 seconds. Curious as to who #61 was, I decided to do some light internet investigation. When I found out he was on Twitter, I could not resist a lighthearted tweet.


  1. On a side note, Lucky reports a MASSIVE Marriott Data Breach Could Impact 500 Million Guests!

    Any possibility for individual cause of action through arbitration? Or, is it too early?

    • Saw it. I think the law needs to catch up with these claims because right now there’s only speculative damages which are hard to prove.

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