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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Super Bowl with Bonvoy Points? Not Since the Bills Lost

I’ve been complaining about the decline in points redemptions (see Chasing Status in 2020: A Worthless Pursuit?). I thought a great way to go out with a bang was to burn my Bonvoy balance by bidding on 2 tickets to the Super Bowl. That won’t happen for two reasons:

  1. The bids are outrageous and well beyond my poor points balance.
  2. The Bills blew the game against the Texans and are not going to make it.

For those that are Ravens fans and have plenty of Bonvoy points, here is the cheapest offer for two tickets. For those that aren’t Ravens fans, I can’t tell you who is going to the Super Bowl from the NFC after that New Orleans loss. For those that have cash, tickets for the Super Bowl go from $2500 on up.



    • Wow. Bad mistakes all around. I meant to write Texans not Titans. I confused National championship game too. No good! But fixed. Thanks

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