Chasing Status in 2020: A Worthless Pursuit?


There was a time when I was Hyatt Diamond (see Hyatt Kills Gold Passport). Now, I’m holding on to Explorist. I requalified for Marriot Titanium Elite thanks to upgrading my Chase Marriott card (see Why I Upgraded My Chase Marriott to Bonvoy). Today, I logged in to see that I have 15 nights earned for the near year. The climb to 75 is daunting. I will aim for 50 which will give me Platinum Elite which still includes 4PM late checkout, the perk I use the most. Unlike SPG, under Marriott suite upgrades are less automatic and more a result of negotiation (Unhappy Upon Check In? Don’t Let Buyer’s Remorse Sink In). For that reason, I don’t see an incentive to try and accrue the extra 25 nights.

4PM checkout notwithstanding, I’m questioning if I want to stay loyal to Marriott. The days of affordable points redemptions like the Aloft Bangkok have been killed since the merger. Cash and points is virtually nonexistent (see Are Marriott Cash + Points a Myth?). And customer service is not at the SPG level.

Hyatt is the last brand that has not devalued (see Hyatt Regency Toronto: Please Don’t Devalue!) making it the most intriguing. But, as I wrote before, I’m not going to stay at 50 Hyatt Houses just to qualify for Globalist. This makes upgrading my Chase Hyatt card in an effort to buy status a possibility.

Hyatt aside, could this be beginning of the end of points for hotel stays. If so, what will I do? I’m not a fan of Airbnb (see Airbnb Long-Term? Never Again: My Shanghai Experience). I am not a fan of using my own money. And I have no brand sponsorship. Fortunately, I don’t have to answer that question in the short term as I have hoarded my Hilton, Bonvoy, and Radisson points. With Hyatt as a Chase transfer partner, I can take solace in that as well. This new year has me asking if it is time to pray for another recession (see We Need Another Recession).

What are you doing in 2020 to maintain your impostor lifestyle?

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TPOL pondering how to keep this hustle going. Remember when it was so easy (see 30 Days to Maldives: Step 5)?



  1. Hyatt is way better than Marriott. What do you stay with them? And, Hyatt DID devalue in late 2019. Did you miss that news? None of them can be trusted.

    That doesn’t look like San Juan or that other place. 😉

  2. Anyways, God willing, we are going to qualify again for Hyatt Globalist, IC Royal Ambassador, and Delta Diamond, plus some subset of United 1K, American EXP, Lufthansa Senator, and Alaska MVP Gold.

  3. I’ll have Alaska MVP thanks to the mistake fare on Cathay last year. Hyatt Globalist through spending and stays. My fading status with Marriott is now Platinum, with next year whatever is lower than that. Lead or zinc status?. Hilton gold through Amex Platinum. That should hold me pretty well.

  4. Not really germane, as I live in India, but am happy to put most of my spends on my 3 Amex cards, with any spillover being put on Citi Premier Miles. They cover most airlines I would want to travel on, and also get me good bonuses. Eg, on my the Amex Membership Rewards CC, I get 1 MR per INR 50 spent (equates to approx 1 Mr PER DOLLAR spent) and I also get 1000 MR as a bonus for completing 4 transactions of INR 1000/- each per calendar month.
    The Gold Charge Card gets me the same rate of earning on regular spends, with an additional 1000 bonus MR on completing 6 transactions of INR 1000/- each per calendar month.
    I was chasing status on Jet Airways, but when that went in to the crapper, I switched my travel to Vistara. I am lucky or unlucky (depending on your perspective) to only have to travel for pleasure.

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