The Blackberry Passport: A Blogger’s Concession


The romance with the Priv was short-lived. AT&T was adamant that the Priv, though a Blackberry by name, is still an Android and therefore ineligible to be activated under my Unlimited International Data plan. Though I am on the fence about taking them to arbitration, I still was in need of a Blackberry that would work before the Tahiti Trip which is fast approaching. The only option I was given was to buy a Blackberry Passport, a device so terrible even hell spat it back out.

Hopefully it isn’t that bad but I’m not as excited as before. So long as the phone takes decent enough pictures and allows TPOL to post a-live posts, I should be okay. Somehow the phone is still on sale on Amazon from $375-$2000.

Anyone want to admit that they have a Blackberry Passport?



  1. I had the Q10 for work, it broke, now stuck with the Z10. Buy the Blackberry Classic that is newly out. Best one they have.

  2. I love my passport. I put Snap on it so I can download and have android apps like SPG and Southwest, enjoy the Amazon ecosystem as well. It takes good still pics but blurs easily on motion. I dread the day it dies. I’m a hub addict and Priv doesn’t cut it.

  3. I have a Passport and it’s one of the best smartphones out there. It’s like having your very own computer in your hand. I can literally run my entire office from the Blackberry Passport. The camera is one of the best in the business and the keyboard is very user friendly. Highly recommend!!! Love, love, love Blackberry!

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