ThePointsOfDeadLinks: Expect Delays


Cosmetically the move to the BoardingArea server is complete; the menus are easy to use, the ads are doing their job by bating you in, and the overall site is a thing of beauty.

But much like a Scottsdale bottle popping bimbo, looks can be deceiving. Many of the beautiful links go no where, some of the content isn’t up to date, and sometimes the site reverts to the old server.

This is to be expected and will be fixed at once- almost at once. I’m headed to Korea for the weekend and know if I start fixing anything there I’ll never leave my aLoft room.

I ask for your patience as I strive to develop the greatest points and travel guide website the world has ever seen. If Apple gets a pass for their iPhone glitches then I hope I do too.

Till then, it’s orange cone season at ThePointsOfDeadlinks.


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