United IS Honoring the Fare!



Oh Lord, Lord, call of the barking dogs. United is honoring the fare!

After the hooplah of this morning’s unbelievable deal from London to the US for next to nothing subsided, yours truly found another gem by changing the country of booking from the United States to Antigua. Sure they cancelled my great trip from LHR-SEA but who can beat first-class out of DTW!

I’m writing this post not for click-bait but to posit the question, is it necessary for everyone to broadcast the bad news or if ten bloggers doing so is sufficient?

See you in Chicago.



  1. Seems like a swing and a miss to me.

    Read it last night and this morning and it still doesn’t seem like much of a punch line, or joke for that matter

  2. For those so outraged by this post, the context was in relation to the prior post: Making Mistakes Booking Mistake Fares:


    A friend of mine was kicking himself for missing out on the ‘deal’ because he got greedy. So I wrote this one to make light of the situation.

    Bait and switch? #1: I say it’s click bait. #2 I’m the guilty one, not United?

    Finally, the point was to ask (of which no one has addressed) why everyone on the Internets (plural) felt the need to report the same headline.

    To my point, click (at your own risk) this article from CNN Financial. http://money.cnn.com/2015/02/11/news/companies/united-mistake-fare/index.html

    • I’d have to say this is more annoying:

      We have discovered an error with a vendor’s currency exchange rates that temporarily allowed customers to book reservations through the Danish version of united.com at prices that were incorrect, despite United having filed the fares properly. We have suspended sales from our Danish website until the issue is corrected.

      You purchased a ticket through the Danish version of united.com during the time when the prices were incorrect. As a result, we are not able to honor your ticket at the price that you paid. We have voided your reservation and will not process your payment.

      Why won’t they honor my $9000 windfall?

  3. I don’t think the readers/commenters were necessary the ones who have purchased the fare. It’s annoying because this post in the context of the topic being discussed is misleading.

    I enjoy your writing, but given the context, this post felt like it’s yearning for attention while not providing quite the content to sustain it.

    • I appreciate your thoughtful comment.

      But since this is developing into a discussion, I have to ask the applicability of readers who didn’t purchase a ticket caring one way or another that their fare wasn’t honored, the point of the prior post was to advise them to act quickly in the chance that it would be honored.

      I thought there was a 50/50 chance that they would honor the fare especially after reading this from TPG: http://thepointsguy.com/2015/02/do-airlines-have-to-honor-mistake-fares/

      Still I ask, what’s more annoying, making light of the situation that I rightly won’t be flying first-class round trip to London for $75 OR my entire RSS/Twitter feed saying this:

      United Won’t Honor the Fare

      Breaking News: United Isn’t Honoring the Fare

      This Just In: Can you believe United isn’t Honoring the Fare?

      Someone call DOT: United isn’t Honoring the Fare?

      United we stand? Not this time, United isn’t honoring the fare.

      And on and on and on.

  4. just because there is an overabundance of bloggers reporting the same item of news, does not mean its ok to post an attention-getting misleading title to a prank post. You may get a lot of clicks this time, but many will never return.

    • hahaha yes, i have you in my premeditated trap! now that you’re here and in the clicking mood, perhaps you’d care to click on this link (no pressure) and take note of the last 5 letters of the first paragraph.


      Not trying to sound smug but this is a blog not the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams [sic] Lester Holt.

      I thought it was funny. The overwhelming majority of people commenting did not. I get it.

      Onto the next one. Care to join?

  5. They ARE? That’s so awesome! If I see any comments on the internet about United not honoring what they should, I’ll send the people your way.

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