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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Making Mistakes in Booking Mistake Fares

Ah the Danish, what a lovely people.

It’s 2nd and goal from the 2 yard line and instead of handing off the ball you decide to go for glory by double checking your calendar, going to seatguru for recs of where to sit, and double back because you’d rather fly Lufthansa first than United first. Now that you have the perfect play set to go, you fumble for a card that needs some love to hit the minimum spend and start fantasizing about how great it will be to fly first-class for $100 instead of $8000+, not to mention that it doesn’t require any points.


What happened? Let me try this again. Maybe seat 2A wasn’t available.


Greed is the downfall for all. Those that tried to be too clever instead of going with Beast Mode are kicking themselves for not capitalizing on what potentially could be a next to nothing round trip to London.

When TPG tweets, “mistake fare” your only reaction should be book. Where, when, how, with whom, is all irrelevant. Not only do these mistake fares disappear within minutes of showing up but also the chances of the airline honoring the fares is 50/50. Furthermore, if you did book LHR to DTW and realized that nobody wants to go to Michigan, you can still cancel within 24 hours at no penalty.

So for those who feel a bit deflated after missing out on that opportunity, fret not, there’s still great deals by selecting Antigua and going from DTW to ORD.Capture





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