We’re All Hyatt Diamond Now


I’m mad I did the Hyatt Diamond Challenge (under Ms TPOL’s account) not because Hyatt is giving away status like marshmallows at a carnival but because I could’ve saved the challenge for next year when it really could’ve come in handy given the uncertainty presented by the SPG-Marriott merger.

In reaction to this insanely great offer, I even upgraded my account to Diamond by tweeting @HyattConcierge and sending an email with the follow-up info. The reason it is worth having two Hyatt Diamonds in one household is because of the Diamond Suite Upgrades which are given out in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Even if you don’t use the upgrades before they expire by staying at a Hyatt, I highly recommend booking a room anywhere in the world, preferably with points, as Hyatt let’s you change the booking over and over and over again (see Park Hyatt Moscow).That way when your SPG points are worth nothing, your Diamond status has been stripped away because you miscalculated your stay strategy, you can still be fake Diamond for years to come.

Diamond Suite Upgrade in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Diamond Suite Upgrade in Buenos Aires, Argentina


  1. Actually it isn’t once in a lifetime- it’s once per promotional period. I’ve done the Diamond challenge/match at least 4 times on my same account.

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