Do You Tip UberEATS? I Didn’t


Maybe I should switch to Disqus before posting this instead of having the comments be a free for all to submit. But since the readers are sending me to Albania anyway, I don’t think a few more ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out’ comments will cause more damage to my sensitive heart.

I was staying at the Hyatt Place Long Island City (which was going to be my go-to hotel because it was 8k points/per night, but now it is moving up to 12k, sending me back to the great Four Points LIC), when I got the urge for some fine pizza.

Instead of overrated NY pizza, I went with the solid Michigan choice of Little Caesar’s Deep Dish. (That statement alone will trigger angry comments.) Instead of using the annoying Seamless app which no longer had my card on file, I tried the Uber Eats app. And let me tell you, I love the app. It charges my Uber card on file and uses the same map to track my order as I would my Uber ride.

The app told me that my food was arriving. Before I could go down to meet my driver, the front desk called and said that the food was waiting for me. When I got to the lobby, I was surprised that the driver had already left. With no awkward moment of having to sign the receipt and look at the disappointment for the pittance I gave as gratuity, I grabbed my pizza and headed back to the room.

Moments later, I received a notification from the app asking if I would like to leave a tip. Maybe because I’m used to not tipping Uber drivers or maybe because no one was watching, but I dismissed the notification and did not tip.

Who hates me? Who agrees?

Me savoring my tip free pizza
No Little Caesars in Albania
But still think it’s better than many, not all, NY pizza places. Take that New Yorkers!



  1. I would’ve tipped, but it’s a personal choice, and I’ve never used the app, so I don’t know protocol. I do think New York has the better style of pizza, but that’s just because I’m not a big fan of lots of dough with proportionally few toppings. If you liked it, though, why not?

    • The question is more, what is the protocol? Obviously, I hate tipping but is this like tipping the Uber driver which I will never do or is this like tipping a normal delivery person which I begrudgingly do.

  2. Pizza looks ok, I would have ordered something else, especially considering you are in NYC. BTW I always tip when I am on business, not so much on personal.

  3. Do you normally tip when you get pizza delivery? Why is this any different? Uber drivers are service people 2! (I’m one obviously).

    I’m seriously considering not doing eats anymore due to lack of tipping(I got tips 2 out of 5) –

    Consider this, you probably didn’t know, the fee is barely covering time and gas. Compared to rider, rider gets in and gets out him self, driver gets paid.

    – drive to restaurant, wait for food most of the time, drive food (smells up car, not always good), get out, bring food to you.

    If drivers give up in frustration no more magic food delivery.

    The out I give you – the driver should have waited a bit for you, but was it delivered in promised time?

    T.I.P.S. To Insure Proper Service

    Rant rant rant…..

  4. I almost always tip but really hate the US tipping culture. Would rather have a much higher minimum wage. I was in Melbourne last month and got a hair cut and tipped 40% (sounds high was in AU $, it was not much as the haircut was pretty cheap). The woman would not take the money, not because it was too generous but because it is considered offensive. I had the same experience in HKG two years ago. In both Sydney and Melbourne, even in restaurants, there is no line for tip. This is because minimum wage is high and usually people are much happier.

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