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Sunday, July 21, 2024



It’s easy to blog when you are at home, on your not so trusty Lenovo, and have an unreliable Wi-Fi. But when you are writing a travel blog, you can’t just wait till you get home to put together the standard hotel review, the typical pics of an airline lounge (I honestly love those), and the picturesque snapshot of the beach. At the same time, it is hard to write anything thought provoking when your priority is vacation! So to compromise with my faithful following,

I have set up the a-live section where I will post daily, if not more often, quicky quick updates of where I am and what I’m up to. That way you know that Alex is “a-live” and well. It’s better than a Tweet that gets lost in the river of Twitter uselessness and judging by my Facebook likes, I am not reaching enough of my target audience. Oh and I’m trying out my new, lovely BlackBerry Q10 so that should maintain some semblance of quality as the prof writes his best angry emails on this trusty device. Ironically, so does Mitt Romney. So let’s see how this goes! Now to deal with inserting pics and the never-ending hourglass. Lucky for me I’m delayed in Houston en route to New York. What’s that Tripit? Another delay? I guess that means more posts are coming or more beer at HOU airport that doesn’t even have a lounge!  


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