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Monday, June 24, 2024
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The a380 Route Guide: The Complete List

Growing up, I was obsessed with cars. Being able to guess the make and model was a great game to play. I am an expert in all things Mercedes and BMW, the world’s best luxury vehicles. I struggle with Porsche and Ferrari and pay no attention to the EPA misleading Audi. 

Though I’m still a novice, this obsession, thanks to the points hustle, has shifted to airplanes. I have a greater appreciation for the ‘make and model’ of the aircraft that I’m flying even though the few that I can spot with consistency are the a380, 747, 777, and 787, hardly an accomplishment.

More important than what’s on the outside is what’s on the inside. The creativity of what an airline can do with a plane is best showcased on the a380 where showers, bars, and beds have become the norm. Why no one has installed a PS4 for IFE is beyond me.

New Years is coming up and I’ve shifted my focus from where to go to how I’m going to get there. If it isn’t on an a380, I have no interest. Every time I begin a flight search, I start by Googling a380 routes and get frustrated that I forgot to bookmark the page that lists the routing serviced by this man-made marvel. For my benefit and for yours, here is the link from that shows everywhere the a380 goes.

I found the following to be of interest because due to clever routing ideas.

  • Qatar
    • Doha (DOH) – Bangkok (BKK), QR836,  01:55 – 12:10 h
  • Thai
    • Bangkok (BKK) – Frankfurt (FRA), TG920,  23:40 – 05:30 h (+1)

Of course, Etihad Apartments is on the list as is British which I will be flying next year. To date, I’ve only flown SQ Suite Class and Emirates Shower.

The world needs more a380 routing
The world needs more a380 routing





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