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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Air China Business Class: My Moses from Mongolia

This is part of the Trip Report So Long Mongolia, Hello SE Asia (December-January 2015) which covers:

Catch up by reading the preview, The Banana Pancake Trail to Myanmar Starts This Monday, then the overview, Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Disney, Home, where the game time decision was made to leave Mongolia for good.

Perhaps the title borderlines on dramatic but I challenge you to spend a winter in Mongolia and find a more suitable one. The unexpected Exodus which is part of the So Long Mongolia, Hello SE Asia (December-January 2015) Trip Report begins, as it must, with another visit to the highly rated Ulaanbaatar Business Class Lounge (click the link, you will be disappointed).

The Air China business class flight from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing is only 2 hours so I’m not going to take up too much of your time with photos and descriptions of what every airplane looks like. Indeed, this is the case for all my Flight Reviews where only the memorable ones are submitted for your pleasure. Having said that, I feel it’s appropriate to document this flight because of its significance of which at the time I was unaware e.g., I was leaving Mongolia for good.

air china business class
One step for Alex, one step for all mankind .
Bye bye Mongolia
Bye bye Mongolia

The plane had seats, they weren’t too comfortable, and the pizza was meh. The Jack and Pepsi was great. That is all.


air china business class

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