Air New Zealand AKL-NRT: Modeling in Business Class


Air New Zealand Auckland Tokyo is part of the Tahiti Triumph Trip Report. It covers the following cities:

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I’ve said it before, Air New Zealand does not receive enough love. I’ve flown it plenty of times and have found the service to be great, the food to be good, and the seat to be comfortable.

This time I flew it from Auckland to Tokyo to model Air New Zealand’s famous socks.

Obligatory Photos of Seats 

Since I’ve reviewed this flight before (see Air New Zealand PVG-AKL: The Black Mamba), I’m going to spare myself the trouble of going into great detail about the seats. Some blogs may repeat the same thing over and over, but the I’m here to tell a story, not to give an inch-by-inch recap of every aspect of the plane.

It is crowded in the business class.


Another blog obligation is a photo of the champagne.


Most of my long-haul flights are in the evening. Having breakfast first on this morning flight was a change from that.



On the flight to Auckland, I had a burger. This time I had a little bit of everything.


What’s a business class flight without cheese and finger food?

The Modeling

And now for the main event. TPOL in Air New Zealand socks. Contact my agent for collaboration opportunities.


Designer chic aboard Air New Zealand.

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