Air New Zealand Lounge Auckland: Coffee On Demand


Air New Zealand Lounge Coffee is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

I don’t see the need to review a lounge or hotel if I’ve been there before. The exception being if something has radically changed and the old review is no longer relevant. If a lounge changes the wrap from chicken to turkey, I’ll pass‎ on the analysis.

Having spent hours in the Air New Zealand Lounge as part of the Tahiti Triumph trip report, I covered it extensively. This time I want to focus on a neat feature that I haven’t seen at other lounges and commend Air New Zealand for offering. I’m talking about the coffee.

Previously, I wrote about how good the baristas were at Qantas’s lounge (see Qantas Club Sydney: But for Baristas…). It’s nice to go to a lounge and not have the grinding machine pretend to make my coffee concoction. The problem with manual is the long wait time.

In this lounge, guests put in their order using the automated touchscreen or by downloading the app. They are given a time when their order will be ready. That’s efficiency. And it was quality.

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