Air New Zealand Auckland San Francisco: Business Back Up Over


Air New Zealand Auckland San Francisco Flight Review is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

Finding flights from Australia to the US in business is difficult. Finding availability from Auckland to the US is not. In addition, finding flights on a premium carrier like Air New Zealand is much easier than trying to find Qantas from Australia. In the end, it took 80k Aeroplan miles to get home.


The walk from the domestic terminal to the international one is ridiculous. It takes forever. There are streets signs along the way pinpointing how much longer you have to go.

Checking In

What a nice experience it was checking in. There’s a separate lounge and private elevator for business class customers.


The cabin looked like an artist’s canvas. It was more spacious than the Black Mamba I flew from Auckland to Shanghai as part of my Tahiti Triumph trip report.

SSSS per usual


The champagne is not Krug but the OJ is fresh. A nice mimosa is the way all flights should start (see Get Ready to Takeoff: The World’s Best Champagne).


As I wrote in my Bike Wine Tour, Blenheim is not the place for bubbles. It is for pinot noir and sauvignon blanc. ANZ offers both and I took them up on that offer.


The burger wasn’t as good as I recall from my previous ANZ flight. I like that it’s offered over the standard business class dry steak.


What a weird cheese spread. There was jalapeño jack in the mix.


Standard chocolate ice cream.


Breakfast was not good. Way too much yogurt on the fruit and nothing creative about the eggs.


I always appreciate Caddyshack on a plane. My other go to (besides Black-ish) is Family Guy, but for some reason they only had Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes. Crazy Rich Asians is a terrible movie. Crazy Ballin’ Arabs due out in theaters in 2020.


The flight attendant made the bed, and I had the best sleep I can recall on a plane. The seat isn’t as wide as Cathay First, but the combination of the duvet and three fluffy pillows puts it up there with any other carrier.

Amenities Kit

I do not like it when they offer single use toothpaste. I rely on business class flights to stock up on travel toothpaste. Why offer a huge mouthwash and small toothpaste?

The socks, per usual, were stylish.


Business class is more than fancy food and a bed. It’s also the personal service. ANZ did a great job providing that.Air New Zealand Auckland San Francisco Flight Review


Initially, I couldn’t find award availability from Australia. I’m happy I checked ANZ, and I’m happy I had the chance to fly them again.


  1. Thanks for the review. I’m flying ORD-AKL-MEL-AKL-ORD in business class in August. It’ll be my first time in NZ and Australia.

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