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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Air New Zealand Lounge Auckland: Sit Back & Relax

The Air New Zealand Lounge Review is part of the Tahiti Triumph Trip Report. It covers the following cities:

See the Picture Preview here and see how this $60,000 trip cost $1999 here. Be sure to check out TPOL’s Map, the best feature of the blog.

Some may say argue that a 12 hour layover in Auckland necessitates leaving the airport. Since I was returning to Auckland in 10 days and since I had been traveling like a madman, I decided to spend my half day in the Air Zealand Koru Lounge catching up on life. The first thing I had to do was get an adapter as New Zealand has the weird crooked triangle outlet that my dated adapter does not support. In order to do this, I had to surrender my passport as collateral.

From there I found a day bed and did nothing but eat, drink, shower and sleep. Here’s how it went down in pictures. Note that there aren’t too many photos of food as the selection of edible treats was pretty poor.

The Entrance 

2016-05-06 03.04.37
Air NZ Lounge
2016-05-06 03.04.46
Air NZ Lounge

The Seating 

2016-05-06 03.05.07
People coming and going
2016-05-06 03.05.11
Seating area
2016-05-06 03.05.27
A spot for two
2016-05-06 06.01.17
Seating area
2016-05-06 06.01.20
Seating area

Food & Drink 

2016-05-06 03.09.02
Sodas on tap
2016-05-06 03.09.10
Self-service bar
2016-05-06 03.10.31
2016-05-06 05.52.18
2016-05-06 03.08.24
The bar
2016-05-06 06.00.39
2016-05-06 06.00.14
Another refreshments area
2016-05-06 06.00.54
New Zealand
2016-05-06 06.02.07
The Private Room

The Shower 

2016-05-06 06.03.29
The shower
2016-05-06 06.03.43

The Patio

2016-05-06 03.09.33
The patio
2016-05-06 03.09.45
The patio
2016-05-06 09.04.40
The patio
2016-05-06 11.20.44
It happened to be Cinco de Mayo
2016-05-06 13.32.10
The socks

The Exit 

2016-05-17 08.27.41
The exit



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