Via NYC: Better Than Uber, Better Than Lyft


It seems like every day there’s a new driver app, especially in NYC. Have you heard of Gett or Juno? Now, there’s another one that is better than the rest. It’s called Via and it’s only available in NYC and downtown Chicago. If you aren’t interested in sharing a ride then stop reading.

The Cost 

If you use Uber Pool then Via shared rides is for you. For only $5 + tax, you can ride to and from anywhere in all of Manhattan south of 125th street during the hours of 6AM-9PM M-F. After 9PM the rate shoots all the way up to $5.95 + tax. Rides are $5.95 plus tax, from 9PM to midnight and on Saturdays and Sundays.

How It Works 

Just like Uber, you set the pickup location and Via’s magicians go to work to set up a corner pick up location. Then you simply hop in and hop out when you arrive at your destination.

My Experience

I went from Midtown to One World Trade during rush hour. Obviously, it took some time since Via doesn’t offer flying cars but the whole ride totaled $5.

Customer Service

Like Uber, if you do have a problem with your Via ride, customer service is ready to help. I accidentally put 2+ people and was charged an additional $2.50. They quickly credited back my account the value and I was ready to Via once again.

The Referral 

TPOL’s referral code is alexander2g5. You receive $10 in credit and I do as well when you take your first ride.


Forget the subway for $2.75. Forget taxis forever (recall I used to be a taxi driver). And forget Uber and Lyft. Via is the way I get around.

Maybe I’ll see you in my next Via ride.

via shared rides
Via, luxury comfort (Bentley not typical)


  1. I’m a huge Via fan. A taxi ride in heavy traffic from the East 80s to the Times Square area could easily cost $40, but on Via it’s only $5. Though it’s not required, when you have a really long ride for a ridiculously cheap price, give your hard-working driver a tip.

  2. Have you found you have to make many stops or pick ups? Are there better or worse times to use Via? What are the wait times like?

    • The wait times are a little slower than Uber but nothing terrible. The drop off and pick ups have been the same as Uber pool. Sometimes alone, sometimes not. That’s why I think it’s the best one out there. I haven’t had the experience of multiple parties getting in and out leaving me hopeless like the Vegas airport shuttle yet.

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