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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Goodbye Southwest, Hello JetBlue

And I can’t fight this feeling anymore. I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for.

Chase rejecting you on recon? All your Southwest points burned? No chance of requalifying for a companion pass? Then do as I did and take your FICO to Barclays and point your AwardWallet to JetBlue.

After enrolling in the JetsBlue Points Match, I completed step 2 of my conversion from Southwest to JetBlue by applying for a Barclays JetBlue Plus Card. That comes with a sign-up bonus of 30k points, 5k anniversary points, and 10% rebate on all points redeemed. The $99 fee isn’t waived but the value of those three benefits more than makes up for it. Incidentally, Lucky just wrote a piece on it so you can find his complete breakdown of the card on his site.

After I take the Points Match qualifying flight and spend 1k on the credit card, I’ll have 105k JetBlue points to utilize. I’ve never flown on JetBlue before but I’ve only heard good things. I will miss Southwest but what else can I do if Chase won’t participate in my points way of life?

Something strange about not flying Southwest to Vegas
Something strange about not flying Southwest to Vegas


  1. How many flights does jet blue have out of your airport? I jumped on the bandwagon for the points match but if not pull the trigger on the credit card is I’m not sure it’s worth it yet. My only options are Long Beach California Boston or New York, and then on from there I guess. Still debating how useful JetBlue it is for someone out in PDX

  2. I’m a loyal SW/Chase customer, and would love to understand what Chase has done recently. Sorry if I’m not deep enough into the lingo, but I don’t actually know what your opening paragraph means – has Chase changed a policy, willingness to allow renewals, or what? Thanks so much for any clarification you can provide.

    • Can’t get approved for cards which is where bonus points for southwest came from to qualify for southwest companion. I love both chase and Southwest but barclays and jetblue offers were too enticing.

  3. I’m still lucky enough to have a shot with Southwest/Chase cc….. but I too am growing weary of Southwest, the cattle cars, the ever more aggressive customers hogging up/holding seats, the MISERABLY unreliable Southwest web site…. (the one that goes down at critical sale junctures — then the “cheerful” SWA twitter-heads yesterday for eight hours kept telling us that it was all “routine” maintenance) Still mad that Southwest few months ago dropped the VERY popular direct flights from RIC to Orlando…. (becuz they said they wanted to focus more on major market routes…. very Frontier of them)

    etc., etc…..

    Yup, like the song, Southwest Airlines forgot what they were fightin’ for….

    Here’s to JetBlue….. amazing for a NY based airline….. that actually thinks it’s possible to have reasonably comfortable transport in coach, with decent amenities and snacks…. May their lot increase…. and increase.

    Southwest feels the pressure…. they’re starting to send out really bizarre claims (rooted in stupid “airfarewatchdog” surveys) that customers like them better than all the rest…. (have a hunch SWA paid for that “research”

    Go Blue

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