Junior’s Cheesecake in Brooklyn: Shutting Down the Studio


The Juniors Cheesecake Brooklyn Review is part of the ongoing Trip Report TPOL in NYC.

Getting There: The right way to do it is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The address is 386 Flatbush Ave Ext, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Sometimes it takes a tourist to visit to get me motivated to see the sights. Almost a decade in Arizona and I never visited the Grand Canyon. In Scottsdale, the main attractions were golf, spring training, and the W pool. In New York, there’s so much to do that I’ve done next to nothing.

Yesterday, that changed when I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge not to take pictures but to go to Junior’s Cheesecake. Apparently the place is world-famous for its desserts but I knew it from one of my favorite reality shows, Making the Band. In one episode, Diddy, the world’s greatest motivator, made the band go to Junior’s to pick up his favorite strawberry cheesecake late into the night.

In keeping with the show, we set off at 10PM across the bridge and finally arrived at the well illuminated Junior’s. The place is more than a bakery; it has a full dinner menu including fried chicken and chicken wings that may be worth another trip across the bridge. Per Diddy’s recommendation we ordered the strawberry cake along with a double espresso. For $7.95 you get the equivalent to a Chicago slice of deep dish. Clearly this indulgence is not on the Tahiti Diet but it should be on an eating competition. The cheesecake lived up to the hype and the long walk almost justified the calorie count. The next time you are in Brooklyn or perhaps if you are a NYC resident who hasn’t gone, I would recommend the trek to Junior’s. On the way back, be sure to grab a slice for Puff.

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