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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Alex the [points] Redeemer to Rio

Once an idea enters my head, even if it is far-fetched, it becomes very difficult for me not to let it go. This morning, afternoon, or evening, depending where in the world you are Argentina defeated Belgium in the World Cup. Next up for Messi and the blue and white is the winner of the Netherlands and Costa Rica. I’m cheering for Los Ticos but this World Cup really hasn’t seen any significant upsets with the brackets going as many have predicted.

While Brazil and Germany didn’t dazzle their way through the tournament, they are, nevertheless, in the seminfinals. Therefore, it is likely that the Dutch will beat Costa Rica and it will be an Argentina vs. Holland semifinal.

So putting on my Tony Kornheiser psychic hat, I am going to say that thee Germans will advance because no home cooking can make up for the absence of Neymar and Silva for the Brazil side. Likewise, Germany has a capable goal scorer in Muller and who doesn’t like to yell out Schweinsteiger at every opportunity.

Which brings us back to Messi who will score 3 against the Netherlands and to the displeasure of all of Brazil, see Argentina in the Marcana.

You are probably saying that my analysis is much better than ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith but are also wondering what this has to do with points and travel. As I wrote, the beauty of points and sports is that you are able to go to events last minute where prices would be cost prohibitive for even someone that got in early on the GoPro IPO.

The ‘low fare’ for a one way flight this Thursday to Rio is $1789.

one wayCompare this to an AA rewards flight of $77.



No surprise that all the points hotels are sold out, but enough of the luxury, this is about futbol not fancy. One of the hostels provides free caiparinhas every night anyway!

So the only problem left is, you guessed it, the f@&king visa!

Oh and getting a ticket to the game.

Brasil (904)
Argentina Blue! (photo courtesy of Michael Jeries)


Go Argentina!



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