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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Hotel Review: Aloft BWI Baltimore

This Aloft BWI Baltimore Hotel Review is part of the Whose Land? Iceland Trip Report which covers the following cities:

Here is the Picture Preview.

Getting There: If you’re landing at BWI, simply call the hotel. If you’re coming via Amtrak then you need to find the airport transport shuttle first.

Aloft is my favorite airport brand. I’ve said this many times. The Aloft BWI Baltimore is not the greatest Aloft, that honor belongs to the Aloft Bangkok. Indeed, this hotel is in need of a makeover. Still, the service was great, the beds were comfortable, and the airport transport was reliable. There’s not much to say beyond that so I’ll lazily defer to my photos:

2016-06-14 00.20.13
The unmistakable aloft shuttle
2016-06-14 00.30.41
Alas the wxyz would be closed upon my arrival
2016-06-14 00.30.50
aloft colors
2016-06-14 00.30.58
Seen one aloft, seen them all, and that’s a good thing
2016-06-14 00.31.05
Good to see my google stock doing well
2016-06-14 00.31.19
I highly recommend the Chinese food but the egg rolls are garbage
2016-06-14 00.31.26
No use for the free drink coupons
2016-06-14 00.32.15
Pool anyone?
2016-06-14 00.32.20
Now this is art
2016-06-14 00.32.25
The living room
2016-06-14 00.33.06
I’ve never ate at an aloft
2016-06-14 00.33.16
2016-06-14 00.35.25
The classic (crooked) hallway pic
2016-06-14 00.35.52
Free water and aloft coffee
2016-06-14 00.36.20
Double beds
2016-06-14 00.36.33
Just like Phoenix
2016-06-14 00.37.32
I’m going to take one of those pillows one day
2016-06-14 16.26.33-1
The grand entrance
2016-06-14 16.27.07
The exterior
aloft bwi baltimore hotel review
Love aloft!


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