Amex Green Retention Revocation?


When I wrote Keep vs. Cancel: Amex Green, I decided that I wanted to cancel the card and was not going to bother asking Amex to waive the annual fee. After a successful Marriott Business Bonvoy retention offer, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see what Amex would give me. After a quick chat, I was told that I would receive 7,500 points if I did not cancel. I told the representative that I was not sure and wanted more time to think about it. He advised that I take the offer now and that I had still had a few days if I wanted to cancel.

Valuing the opportunity to qualify for the Hilton Amex versus over a few thousand MR’s, I contacted Amex again and said that I was changing my mind. The chat representative said it was my right to cancel but also sent me this warning, “I can honor your request to cancel your card. Before doing so, I would like to let you know some important information regarding the Retention Bonus Offer terms. If American Express determines that you have engaged or intend to engage in abuse, misuse, or gaming in connection with the loyalty offer, including if you cancel or downgrade your account within 12 months after acquiring it or if you return purchases you made to meet the threshold amount, we reserve the right to withhold, freeze, or revoke Membership Rewards from your Platinum Card account and cancel any accounts you have with us.”

While some may think it is worth the risk of accepting the 7,500 and then cancelling or downgrading, I am not one of those people. I told the rep that he could take away the 7,500 points right now. I explained that I only took the offer because it was advised that I do so. He reiterated that they ‘reserve the right’ to claw back the points and said it would happen automatically if it happened at all. If they go away, so be it. If not, I certainly won’t blog about it because posting about it may make me an accomplice in gaming the system.

Anyone else think Amex is being too sensitive with this points claw back nonsense? (see Amex Shutdown? Remedy & Going Forward)

Plotting on how I will game the system.


  1. No, I don’t think so. There has been abuse of cards and card companies have to curb that. It is always the good that have to suffer from the bad. I am not implying that the writer is cheating btw.

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