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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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And Now for your Business Travel Weather Report

I’m watching CNN International waiting to see if the sun ever goes down in hot Helsinki (as it is 11pm over here) when the business traveler weather report came on. I’ve traveled everywhere and still can’t understand the utility of this traveler forecast so I’m going to complain about it and hope that you guys are with me on this.

Let’s start with the map:



Aside from helping me with geography, I can’t understand why a ‘business traveler’ needs to know the simultaneous forecast of Glasgow to Athens. Worse is the arbitrary list of cities around the world which are listed in alphabetical order that serve better as a drinking game of ‘where have I been’ than useful information.

Capture 2
Helsinki! It’s on there, yes!

Anyone agree? What’s the weather in Ulaanbaatar?

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