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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Approved! Alaska Personal

I applied and was instantly approved for the Alaska card which offers 70k after 3k spent. The reason I am writing about it is two-fold: First, I continue to be rejected for the business version. I assume that they did not refund the annual fee when I closed it and it shows that I have an outstanding balance. I always mean to call to clear it up, but the list of personal calls is out of control (see Complaints: How Long Till You Let It Go?). Second, Alaska points have a special place in my heart. Remember the days of flying Emirates first after 4 40k apps in the same day? Whatever happened to Darius from MMS?

I recently redeemed Alaska points for the world’s longest flight from JFKSIN for 100k points (see World’s Longest & Best Business Class Flight: JFK-SIN). I also booked LAX to Fiji then to Australia in business for 55k points (see 55K Alaskan to Fiji And My New Melbourne Residence). Although those are great redemptions at a great value, my Alaska balance suffered as a result. Fortunately, BoA doesn’t hate personal me. Now, if I can just figure out how to get business me back into their good graces.

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  1. If you have a bank account they will approve your biz credit card. I used to get rejected then I opened a savings account. I had read the threshold was having 1500 in your account so I used to put that much in when I applied then draw down to 500 (min to avoid fees). However, I’ve stopped doing it and still always get biz approval w 500 in my bank account. Usually get 1-2 AS biz cards per year and never a rejection since opening that account. It has been worth parking $500 with BoA just to get those cards. When I give up on Alaska I will close the bank account. It is a savings account, which I think is what they want since they used to ask some applicants to open a CD.

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