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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Athens Marathon: One Day More

The race is upon us. I picked up my bib and am headed back to the hotel for some water, oatmeal, and biofreeze. Thousands of people have signed up to run this race and most of them seem happy to endure the 42 kilometers. Luckily for Americans the race is only 26 miles, a decided advantage for finishing near the front of the pack.

Still, as I gimp along with my tendinitis, I wonder why I or anyone signs up to do this. For fun, my friends play bar trivia or do fantasy football. Others enjoy blacking out from Gentlemen Jack. It takes an ambitious, egotistical person to challenge himself to do something people are not supposed to do- run. And run far, for no reason besides to say they ran far.

Sure there are other romantic reasons for running a marathon of which we can discuss tomorrow if I happen to finish. But today, as was the case for the bar exam, I wonder why I signed up for not one but two of these life ruiners. I’m 2/2 for bars and 1 for TBD for races.

Here’s to keeping positive.

As a side note, please consult the map below and explain how this is the original marathon course. If it is the route that Pheidippedes took to deliver the news of a Greek victory against the Persians then why did he make a circular detour on the way there? I guess I will find out tomorrow what this roundabout is all about.

Stay carb-loaded my friends.

Our Greek hero dies after this route. That's uplifting.
Our Greek hero dies after this route. That’s uplifting.


  1. Best wishes for the marathon. No matter what anybody tells you, unlike Phidippides you are not required to run the thing roundtrip. Just get to the finish and stop. That marathon is on my lifetime events list.

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