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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Badda Book, Badda Boom? Who Does Your Marketing?

It’s been a minute since I’ve written a complaint of the week post. Today is as good a day as any other to write one. The target of my ire is Choice Hotels and their stupid Badda Book, Badda Boom commercials. If somehow you haven’t seen this commercial, you are 1) lucky and 2) probably do not watch TV. Such ads make me wonder who is in charge of marketing and, more importantly, where do they find these actors that end up becoming the face of the company? For example, Silly Captain Obvious is everywhere. He showed up in person at the Michigan vs. Florida game in Dallas. And I’m sure he was paid a nice fee for doing so.

I’m not the only one who hates Badda Book. I know Gene and other celebrities do too. See below:

a person holding a sign
Living Doesn’t Have to Suck is still clever.




      • You’re the huge sports fan and the question was genuine. Sure it’s obvious that it’s stupid, so presumably there’s some fairly rational reason. Since you mentioned it, I figured I’d ask.

  1. Haven’t seen the commercial not because I’m lucky but because I’m blessed by not watching TV! 🙂

    Netflix, Youtube, etc. are a whole different matter

    • badda book badda boom is really getting old. I would never reserve any of your rooms because of the stupidity of those adds & many of my face book friends agree. Please make a change, it is very annoying

  2. As bad as these commercials are, they would win academy awards compared to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The CEO must have a 4th grade grandchild in charge of marketing. Harlan has died 10 more times in the last 3 years.

  3. I’m not a violent person but if I ever encountered this fictional idiot ,to quote “Annie Hall” ,”What I wouldn’t give for a large sock of horse manure.”

      • Nobody likes the guy doing the badda book boom line. His character appears to have a giant stick up his butt. This is not the actor’s fault, but the director. This is the attitude the company wants to set. They could have earned A LOT more business and reservations if they had selected a really cool, easy going funny guy to deliver their idiot punch line. Now I just hate the character whenever he opens his mouth. It could have been a fairly cool commercial, but it feels so corporate it makes me wanna puke.

  4. I hate that, makes no sense and if I see it coming i turn to another station or I walk out of the room, if it is recorded I just of forward very fast and do whatever i can to miss it. and will never use their product, i hate their adds so much.

  5. I dislike the Badda Book Badda boom commercial. What does it even mean
    I have stayed at choice hotels. But that commercial doesn’t make me want
    To if I didn’t know the brand

      • I think they are taking the “tri” from “trip” the “va” from “vacation” and then “go”, so you use it to help go on a trip or a vacation, but it is a stupid creation of a name!

  6. It’s not about whether you LIKE the ad, it’s about whether you remember the message. Advertisers are competing for space in your head – looks like they bought some.

  7. Advertising is just form of propaganda …. Madison Avenue hits the consumers with a bludgeon when a simple actually clever and funny ad would be more appropriate. Choice is promoting ‘direct booking’ but frankly ‘Bada Boom Badda Book’ is a nonsensical (highly stupid) way to bring attention. And while the Company claims it is successful, it probably turns off many more potential customers than if they just said: ‘Save x% by calling us DIRECTLY and Booking your room!

  8. Very annoying, wtf does Bada Book Bada Boom even mean? If it’s meant to be a head scratcher so people like me would search the web and type up a comment, then I guess it worked because here I am talking about it.

  9. Used to travel a lot on business and stayed at many different hotels. I think I have a discount/ points card for every major chain and then some. Don’t travel Iike that anymore but if I still did, I guarantee you that because of this annoying commercial I would avoid all choice hotels, even if the deal was great. Please spare us this putz and his obnoxious and stupid phrase.

  10. This is not only the most irritating, but the most ignorant ad I have ever seen. I think it’s designed for Trump people and not us humans

    • Hey, I’m a “Trump people” (with a PhD and an IQ of 155) and I agree with you that the ad is irritating and stupid. My wife claims that as long I remember the catch phrase, it doesn’t matter to the advertiser if I like it. I read the same thing in a textbook on advertising psychology in college. I disagree. Why would the maker of a consumer product want to purposely annoy prospective customers? It makes no sense (to me, anyhow).

  11. I was wondering the same thing. Why would I want to book a hotel that is apparently run by the mob. At first I thought maybe it was a Trump’s lawyer thing, but that didn’t turn out so well either. I think they should re-consider.

  12. Sorry, I’m another “Trump person” with a high IQ and high income, and these commercials make me cringe with the stupidity of that phrase. It makes the hotel brand seem so tacky and downmarket. I’d never stay there for fear of encountering the sort of people who are amused by the phrase that shall not be repeated. When I worked in advertising, we designed campaigns that would enhance the image of the client’s company.

    • Good comment. I don’t get this IQ thing though. How many legs does a chicken have doesn’t measure intelligence. I’ll be requesting transcripts. Then again my grades were no great.

  13. I think the IQ thing came about in response to an earlier comment about stupid “Trump people.” Not all conservatives are toothless morons sitting around the trailer guffawing at commercials like “Badda Book…” I’ve heard the old advertising chestnut that at least an obnoxious commercial or idiotic catchphrase gets attention, but attention doesn’t translate necessarily into customer dollars.

  14. The Badda Book commercial is the most inane crap to hit the airwaves. As for the crack about Trump people, I’m sure it was done by one of those really intelligent Liberals who predicted that Hillary would win.

  15. I stayed at a Baba Book Bada Crappy motel. ’70s decor, no phone in room, tv didnt work..2nd room toilet backed up..Entrance smelled like dog pee. I finally got my money back. Quality Inn Wichita, Ks.

  16. This ad makes me never want to stay in a Choice hotel again, which is unfortunate because there are a few we stay at and enjoy from time to time. I guess some figure that it doesn’t matter if an ad irritates you, as long as it gets your attention, but it backfires in my case…the minute I hear anything sounding suspiciously like this ad, I scramble for the remote and either change the channel or hit the pause so I can skip having to listen to this horrible and pitiful attempt at “advertising”. The ad agency oughta be ashamed of having created such garbage, and the hotel chain should be ashamed that they actually used it. They think this is funny?? No, it’s pitiful.

  17. I hate the commercials so much that I plan to deliberately avoid any hotels associated with Choice Hotels. We dropped our Geico insurance in response to our hatred of the gecko commercials.

  18. One of the worst commercials on TV. I may remember Bada Book Bada Boom, but I don’t remember what the commercial is about. There is nothing about this tag line that is memorable except the stupid tag line.

  19. I like Choice Hotels. I like them a lot. Diamond member last two years in a row. But Badda Book, Badda Boom is so stupid I will go somewhere else just so there’s no chance of me meeting the guy in the lobby.

  20. This is the “stupidist” commercial I have ever seen. Annoying and doesn’t mean anything. No one stays at Choice hotels anyway. I am a hotel marketing professional and can’t understand that commercial!

  21. Marketing in general has gone down hill. Although I hate this choice hotel commercial. What about the Mercedes commercial name your price commercial. Let’s face it advertisers need serious help half the time you don’t know what the ad is about.

  22. I wouldn’t stay there if they paid me just because of their stupid commercials. They must have the same ad agency as Geico.

  23. I hate that frickin idiot who says Badda Book Badda Boom and I know he’s just an actor doing his job. Makes no f’ing sense, guy delivers the line like a total a-hole, this commercial annoys the ever loving Bejeezus out of me. Choice Hotels please proceed to burn in Hell.

  24. I don’t even know what “Badda Book Badda Boom” means. It sounds like some kind of stupid street language. These commercials are irritating and do nothing to bolster the image of their hotels.

  25. I truly hate this commercial. I sometimes wonder if whoever writes these stupid commercials thinks we
    the public are stupid also. Make a commercial that makes sense and I will use the product. I will not be staying at any
    choice hotel because I get sick when I hear this commercial and from other comments I’ve read
    I can see a lot of others are as upset as I am.

  26. I’m glad I’m not the only one that hates that commercial. I mute it when it comes on. Until I read these comments, I didn’t realize they were advertising a hotel. I thought it was some sort of search engine to find a good or “choice” hotel.

  27. Hate these annoying Badda book commercials! Would never use just because of the aggravatingly commercials! Find a new writer!

  28. The people who posted that commercials and slogans don’t have to be good, just memorabe and get in your head, are exactly right. However, in this case…no one has touched on the biggest failure of this garbage commercial…HOW DOES THE TAGLINE – BADA BOOK BADA BOOM – help you remember, or even tie into Choice Hotels?!!!!! I swear to you, when I head bada book bada boom like the 1000 thousandth time, I gave in and decided to book a hotel room through them. So I went to I had no idea this was for choice hotels! If you say bada book…doesn’t it make sense that they are promoting something close to that, like!!!

  29. Exactly Myles, I didn’t even know what that commercial was selling until I came across this site.

  30. No southern man would ever say Badda book badda boom, sounds too much like when the dumb the dumb ass Yankees first invaded FL.

  31. Agreed. I loathe that commercial as well. Problem for me is it’s aired during virtually every single break on MSNBC, and sometimes even twice. Gag!

  32. I can’t stand that idiot either Man He’s annoying I’d never stay at a choice hotel either just because of this stupid commercial

  33. Badda Book Badda Boom guy should be hung in the local square. ,I’d never stay a choice hotel because of that freaking idiot, Never in a million years!!!

  34. I guess this came from the “Sopranos” TV series, their strip club was the “Badda Bing”. I heard one person actually say “Badda Bing Badda Boom” in real life and it sounded just as phony as this commercial.

  35. We had a few months of bliss without this moron and his stunned expression, and I thought “wow, this ad campaign must have really bombed”. But, unbelievably, he’s back. Fun fact: I keep my remote control nearby at all times so I can change the channel before he blurts out his moronic catch phrase

  36. It’s not whether an ad is intelligent that makes it a good as of not. It’s whether it succeeds as advertising. I don’t know whether this one does succeed, but it’s not on the basis most people here judge it by. I have seen humorous ads by some companies that would be prime contenders for advertising awards yet are utterly worthless as far as their actual purpose. If you can’t even remember who was the company being advertised after watching one, it is a good bet it is useless as advertising.

  37. I wrote the Choice Hotels CEO and proposed an alternative to badda book badda boom that conveys in two words a marketer’s dream come true: Good Choice!

    Never heard back from him.

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