Keep Vs. Cancel: US Bank Altitude


Oh look, another $400 annual fee. This Keep Vs. Cancel post seems like a no-brainer. I see no benefit for keeping the US Bank Altitude card which I applied for last year. While it does have a $325 travel credit, it has no other perks that are useful for me. I called to cancel and was given a retention offer of 5,000 points which is worth $75. First, that leaves me even, not ahead. Second, and more importantly, points can only be redeemed if the value of the reservation is less than or equal to the points balance. Hack as I might, I do not see any flights from San Juan, my new home, to NYC for $75. Thus, another one bites the dust. Sorry US Bank, but in the words of Gordon Ramsey, “Not good enough!”

Another piece of medal to discard.




  1. You don’t find the Google Pay very attractive with a 4.5% return? Yes there was a glitch in the switch over from Android Pay but I was assured by the CSR that I will get all my points soon. It is very secure because my phone only operates with my thumb print and it uses a redundant Visa number for added security. This card gets all of my non bonus spend…

    • I never used it. I could see how it may be beneficial but it’s another annual fee that I do not need. I would rather put my spend on my Amex Platinum to get the retention offer at the end of the year which makes keeping that card worthwhile.

  2. Actually I am from Canada and we have a version of the Amex card that I don’t believe is available anywhere else. It is called the Cobalt card. They have a nice sign up bonus, but the kicker is that you earn 5 MR points per dollar at grocery stores and restaurants. You can buy gift cards for Amazon, Shell, Petro Can, Best Buy, Canadian Tire etc. and these count as grocery purchases. MR points in Canada are convertible to Aeroplan 1:1 and SPG 1:.5 or straight cash at 1: one cent CDN (for travel). I just happen to own a trucking company that buys lots of fuel (wink, wink). Taking wifey to Paris in August for her 40th under the Eiffel Tower and staying in a suite at Le Meridian (all on points). This is absolutely the best card I have ever had mon ami…

    • Updated the post: You are correct 5k is worth $75. The agent told me $50. Doesn’t make a difference to me because I still can’t redeem flights when my points balance is $75 worth.

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