Customer Service Saves The Day When IHG Doesn’t Transfer Right Away


IHG had a sale for the Caribbean which ended yesterday. Since I’m moving to Puerto Rico and am without an apartment, I needed a hotel for at least two nights. My IHG balance was only 8,500 points, and the room was 5,000 points + $85. The retail price was $246 so this was quite a deal. Working under the false assumption that IHG transfers from Chase instantaneously (it can take up to one business day), I transferred 2k URs and hit refresh. And then I hit refresh again. The balance remained the same. I called customer service to see if anything could be done. They offered the following remedy: we will credit your account 1,500 points. With that quick, simple solution I booked two nights at the Holiday Inn Express Condado. The miser in me regrets the 2k UR points that I may have been able to save by calling in right away, but I’ll eventually burn those when I’m in Wichita, Kansas on a PointBreaks stay.

Thank you IHG! See you soon Puerto Rico!


  1. Have a very healthy balance in my IHG account and would been more than happy to accommodate you as a thank you gesture for what you have done for me – just say when! 🙂

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