Bill Pay Sundays: Garmin for Golf!


Bill Pay Sundays: TPOL wants money for his blogging efforts. I push products that I use and think you should use too. If you click my link and make a purchase, I get paid! We all win. 

Today’s product is Garmin’s watches for golf and fitness. I use the vivoactive watch which has been replaced with the vivoactive HR that measures your heart rate. I believe that counting steps is an ineffective way to get in shape (Tahiti Diet is better). If you don’t have an elevated heart rate, then what is the point? Measuring steps is not how I use my watch. My Garmin is great for keeping track of my runs, in the event that I want to tackle another marathon, and for telling me how far I am from the pin when I play golf every day this summer. The watch has an app which stores your runs and keeps track of the evolution or devolution of your golf game by saving your scores.

In terms of accuracy for measuring distance, Garmin leads the way. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of an Apple watch, but it doesn’t have the price tag either.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now, agents are standing by.

Get up, get moving and kickstart an active lifestyle today with Garmin activity trackers and smart watch!

Having my Garmin charged before my round of golf in Marrakech would’ve been helpful. The markers are in meters!





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