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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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BOA’s Illusory $100 Statement Credit for Alaska Airlines

Bank of America is a liar. I’ve had it with them. A couple of years ago I applied for the business Alaska Airlines Card that said $100 statement credit with 1k spend. I got a letter in the mail acknowledging this and I threw it away because I believed they would honor their commitment.

This time I applied for an Alaska Airlines personal card that also had $100 statement credit so I could once again fly on Emirates Shower Class. Today I was chatting with an agent to pinpoint exactly when I would have to spend the $1000 in order to redeem the offer.

The agent said that they had no record of such an offer then had the damn nerve to refer me to Alaska Airlines. Luckily, I’m not as stupid as I may seem. This time I kept the damn letter and I can’t wait for my screaming call to ensue.

Stupid tricksters.





  1. sounds like my phantom 10K SPG bonus that AmEx said they have no record of. Either way, when’s Dubai trip? I’m in. Boliva NYE.

  2. BofA is on something. I created a dummy booking to get the 25K offer and $100 credit. Then when I sent a secure message to confirm my offer, they replied that they couldn’t find the offer being linked to my acct. Then I got a 2nd opinion by using the chat. That agent told me the offer was right there and that I would get my bonus and credit. Then as a followup to the first SM contact, I got a letter in the mail saying that since I did not go through with the booking and buy a ticket, that I am not eligible for the $100 credit. Then a few days later after I hit the $1000 spend, lo and behold the $100 credit shows up. Go home BofA, you’re drunk.

    I’m not sure why they can’t give a consistently correct answer, unlike AA/USAir they don’t have a merger excuse.

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