BA JFK Terminal 7 Business Class Lounge: Prego Pasta


BA JFK Terminal 7 Business Class Lounge is part of the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report. For Covid historical context, I visited the lounge on 5/12/2022.

I have fond memories of my time in the BA lounge JFK in Terminal 8 (see British Airways Lounge JFK: Mashed Potatoes & Gravy). Though I had access to both business and first, I preferred the mashed potatoes of the vast business lounge.

With that experience in mind, I was not offended when the check-in person pointed me in the direction of the Club Lounge in Terminal 7. I thought the business side would be good enough.

It wasn’t.


It seemed like the local supermarket catered this affair. I instantly recognized the distinct taste of Prego on the macaroni. Perhaps the salad wasn’t from Costco but the greens looked familiar.


SoCo anyone? I once beer bonged a half pint of SoCo in college. That painful memory made me skip the bar completely.


It was a warehouse of seats, a few steps up from a bus station. The only highlight was relaxing and watching the NBA playoffs. Finally, I was back to normal travel.


Did I say normal? I almost forgot that Covid is still chasing after all of us. Every few moments the iRobot would come on the PA to announce that it is a crime to not wear a mask in the lounge. Violators are subject to a $50 fine.

I was not fined.


This was not the business class lounge from last time. Things are not normal.

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