Simply The Best: June 2022


Did I write anything in June? Yes, a little. Here is the best:

  1. Iraqi Homecoming Trip Report: An Introduction

    A big part of my life is travel. It is cliche to say that travel is important, but that statement doesn’t mean the same to the masses as it does to me. For me, travel is oxygen. Without it, I cannot live. Without it, I lose part of my identity. I become another face among the masses, surviving the monotony of the daily routine only to do it over again.
  2. What to Pack: Take 1/4 of the Clothes, 1/2 the Money

    “Pack 1/2 the clothes, twice the money,” Lee Abbamonte once said. After years on the road, I have revised that and am now cutting both in half.
  3. Just Got Home & Now I’m Leaving Again

    I am supposed to be publishing the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report. Due to the fact that renovations of my villa are still incomplete and despite leaving my place in their care for more than three weeks, I have no choice but to go back on the road.
  4. A Holiday of Healthy, Tipsy, & on Budget? Basically Impossible

    While there is not a perfect solution, recognizing the need to improve is the first step in implementing changes.
  5. JFK: Too Early to Check-In

    Coming to the airport early is prudent, but too early is just that: too early.
  6. CDC Suspends Testing Requirement: Where’s My Refund?

    I hope the testing schemers made enough money off of this garbage.


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