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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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CDC Suspends Testing Requirement: Where’s My Refund?

TPOL is back to blogging (see Simply The Best: May 2022). A great way to resume is by doing what I do best: complain. The CDC is expected to announce that it will no longer require testing for those entering the country. I have been saying for years that this requirement is stupid and irrational (see COVID Test for Return Travel Is Stupid & COVID Test to Come Home Is S-T-U-). Well, the nonsense is finally ending. I hope the testing schemers made enough money off of this garbage. Personally, I would like to ask for a refund for the tests that I did last week before coming back to the US. I was tempted to fake the results but was scared of losing my Global Entry.

Let there be no doubt. This policy is not being rescinded to help the ailing economy and not because they are ‘following the science’, a phrase that I used to believe meant something.

a person in a blue uniform sitting in a chair in a living room
What will he do now that this money grab is over?


    • Thanks Lance. It’s complaining not whining. I don’t want to live with your mentality that we should appreciate that Big brother lets me travel freely again.

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