Just Got Home & Now I’m Leaving Again


I am supposed to be publishing the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report. Due to the fact that renovations of my villa are still incomplete and despite leaving my place in their care for more than three weeks, I have no choice but to go back on the road. I am resuming the Rum Rum Caribbean Castaway Trip Report, a quest to visit every island in my backyard. The funny thing about my backyard is that everything is close in theory. In reality, the rounding couldn’t be more backward. See below:

I start in San Juan and instead of swimming to Antigua, I fly all the way north to NYC. It will not be a wasted evening in NYC as I am meeting Ms. TPOL there for a night on the town (see Etiquette of Things: Comedy Cellar NY). This justifies the use of my 15,600 JetBlue points. On the way back to where I just left, we are flying business for 22k Avios each on AA. Looking to go from Antigua to St. Kitts? Good luck as there are limited flights. Talented TPOL found a British Airways 777 from ANU to SKB that saved me both money, 11k Avios vs. $169, and the hassle of going back to America.

Fortunately, there was no business class availability, leaving no opportunity to debate if it is worth paying double Avios for a 45-minute flight.

The convenience ends where it began: San Juan.

The direct option for June does not fit into my schedule, and the British trick was not available on United.

Checking Wiki Airports (see Wiki Airports: Finding Flights to the Unbeaten Path), I found that Air Sunshine flies direct but for $325 per person. My time is valuable but not that valuable, especially when it is multiplied by two.

Indirect options included these gems:

Lucky for me, Avios rescued me once again. 11k Avios to MIA is much better than the ridiculous prices above. My luck continued as my 14k JetBlue flight back to SJU leaving from Fort Lauderdale spares me a night in Miami, my favorite city (see Hyatt Regency Miami: You’re Not Staying Here Anyway).

It’s not a trip to Iraq, but it’s damn good for putting it all together the night before departure.

As backwards as my Turkish routing.


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