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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Out of Burma Thanks to Avios

Time to leave Burma. I’m taking the 1am express flight out of here. It beats the express bus from Bagan to Yangon that took ten hours because it’s a direct flight aboard Dragon Air and only costs $80 + 5000 Avios.

That’s a good segue to get back to points on this points and travel blog. Planning this trip here I didn’t have an exit strategy since I didn’t know when or if I was headed back to Mongolia. I still don’t. But I do need to stop blowing cash on guesthouses that retail for $30, $40, even $50 depending on the number of insects you want to engage with in pillow talk.

That’s why tomorrow I’m going back to the affordable Hyatt Hong Kong, either the Grand Hyatt or Regency, depending on my thirst for luxury. While these cost hundreds more a night, it will be nice to rest easy knowing that my wake up call comes from the front desk not from the singing children that double as housekeeping for my room in Bagan.

Here is the financial summary of my Myanmar exodus:

Actual cost of Hyatt room: outside my budget

Points cost of Hyatt rooms $0.00 + 15k per night

Actual cost of Dragon Air flight: $900

Points cost: $80 + 5000 Avios.

Cost of eating a delicious pizza while back in civilization?

You already know that answer.


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  1. You are a liar. Round trip costs 20,000 Avios + $80 charge. Not 5,000. To only use 5,000 you have to pay almost $300 in additional fee

  2. Here you go ‘song’

    How many Avios do you want to use for your flight?
    10000 Avios + $ 29.758500 Avios + $ 54.757500 Avios + $ 69.756500 Avios + $ 74.755000 Avios + $ 94.754000 Avios + $ 109.75
    Avios per person Price per person Taxes, fees and carrier charges* per person Inclusive total
    1 Adult 5000 $ 65.00 $ 29.75 $ 94.75
    Total 5000 Avios + $ 94.75

  3. Outbound – Sunday 29 March 2015
    01:10 29 Mar 05:25 29 Mar Yangon Hong Kong KA0251 Dragonair Economy

    in case you want to check the flight

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