Sunday, February 5, 2023

Where Are You Hyatt Regency Osaka?

Where are you Hyatt Regency Osaka? If you've been keeping track of this mess of a trip, you have noticed that the only well-thought out part of the...

Fashionable in Osaka

I'm a man of fashion. From the fake market to the inexpensive tailor of Shanghai, everything I own is designer  . The streets of Osaka are lined with all the familiar brands of which I...

Oh, Saka, Osaka

Here's what I've done: Landed at 9pm, went through the slowest immigration known to man. Went to take the bus to the Hyatt Osaka and was told it doesn't run past 9:10pm. Spent 3 hours on the...

Bullet Trains and Business Class

After a bumpy ride of visa mishaps and unexpected phone outages, I'm back on track. Leaving Shanghai, I took the Maglev train to Pudong Airport that clocks in at an impressive 430km/hr saving me...
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