Thursday, February 2, 2023

Westin DTW: Leaving the D in Style

I had a flight departing at 6:00AM to New York until I checked into the Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport at midnight. This is not some inn located near an airport providing its guests with a...

The Farewell Feast

The countdown to Mongolia is on and I am in Michigan prepping for the cold winter by fattening up on home cooked food. Today, I stopped by at my grandma's to have a light lunch...

Where can you find the best Chinese food in the world? Flint, motherf$@king, Michigan.

Where can you find the best Chinese food in the world? The answer: Flint, motherf$@king, Michigan. Located right next to and across the street from two gentlemen’s clubs is positively, undoubtedly the best Chinese food in...

Detroit Delicious

Food. Yum. Need I say more? Travel anywhere, well mostly anywhere and you will encounter amazing food. I'm going to start with the holy grail of food, Coney Islands in the D. After a late night...
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