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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Sahara Restaurant Sterling Heights, MI: Real Arabic Food

The Sahara Restaurant Review is part of the Trip Report: Buckeyes Wolverines 2016 which covers the following places:

Getting There: Sahara has two locations. One in Sterling Heights and one in Oak Park.

I’ve written about the best places to get kebab and the best gyros in Athens, Greece. While both are delicious, nothing compares to real Arabic food. Absent a trip to Egypt for molokhia, Jordan for mansaf, or grandma’s house for dolma, it is very difficult to find restaurants that serve authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. One of the better options in Michigan is Sahara.


I was disappointed with the ambiance of the restaurant. The lights were too bright and they were playing top forty music instead of Arabic music.

Pickles And Bread

The Arabic pickles (turshee) were delicious. And the bread (khubooz) was freshly made in a fire stove.

Warning: Do not get full off of the bread.


Those who have flown Emirates first have probably tried Arabic mezze. Mezze is an assortment of Arabic appetizers including dolma, hummus, tubboli, fattoush, baba ghanoush, and falafel. At Sahara, the mezze is enough for a group of five. I really liked the falafel and the hummus.

Mezze done
Mezze done

The Main Event 

Do not order a full order! That is a warning that I always ignore and regret. I ordered the chicken cream chop with a side salad, rice, and curry. After a few bites I was too full from the bread and mezze that I had no choice but to give it away.

Cream Chop
Cream Chop


I should have taken pics of all the food as there were many great options. I do not recommend the potato chop or the schawarma sandwich as the former can only be prepared well by grandma and the latter is better served as street food.


If you want real Arabic food at a great price, head to Sahara in Sterling Heights.

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  1. Looks delicious, my personal favorite is the Baba ghanoush or anything with eggplants!

    What kind of middle east food do they serve? Lebanese, Egyptian, or Chaldean?

  2. Sahara Restaurant in Sterling Heights, MI, offers an authentic taste of Arabic cuisine that’s hard to find elsewhere. With its commitment to serving real Arabic food, it provides a culinary experience that transports diners to the heart of the Middle East. From flavorful kebabs to richly spiced stews, Sahara Restaurant delivers on taste, quality, and tradition, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking genuine Arabic flavors in Michigan.

  3. The review of Sahara Restaurant in Sterling Heights, MI, was a tantalizing journey through Middle Eastern cuisine. Your vivid descriptions transported me to a world of aromatic bread, flavorful mezze, and hearty main courses. I appreciated your honesty about the ambiance and the caution against overindulging in the delicious bread. Your personal experiences and recommendations added depth to the review, helping me understand the nuances of Arabic food and what to expect when dining at Sahara. Your passion for authentic flavors and your candid assessments make me trust your recommendations wholeheartedly. Keep up the great work!

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