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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Westin DTW: Leaving the D in Style

I had a flight departing at 6:00AM to New York until I checked into the Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport at midnight. This is not some inn located near an airport providing its guests with a marginally comfortable place to lay their heads anxiously waiting to see if they upset the wake up guy. This is not the Phoenix Aloft hotel that may provide comfy service but still requires a shuttle to get to the terminal.

The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport is a 4 Star gem directly connected to the McNamara Terminal at DTW. Convenience unlike Detroit Metro in general is well within reach. It starts with the hotel entrance that is located right at the end of the departure terminal. It continues with the quick check-in where the front desk informed me of the on-site restaurant and bar.

Imported from Detroit


There’s a pond in the lobby

Entering the room, I saw all the amenities of any Westin, which I took for granted. After all, this was suposed to be my sanctuary for only a few hours.

I love Westin’s amenities
Rain Shower for what may be one of the most luxurious hotels in SE Michigan. It just happens to be at the airport. Draw all the irony you want.
The standard issue pointy soap. I’ve said enough.

For all the hotels and resorts I have stayed in throughout the world, I would say that the view from this has to be the coolest.

Better than an ocean view!

Settling into the snug Westin Heavenly bed, I reached for the phone to ask for a wake-up call. Intead, I asked for a late checkout.

New York will have to wait because I’m staying for a few more hours in Michigan.





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  1. That is definitely one of my favorite airport hotels. My only quibble there is that the walls are thin – we once sat in the room and listened to the conversations of the people in the room next door with no amplification. I always pack my earplugs for that spot.

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