Saturday, December 4, 2021

Naughty Or Novel? Avoiding Airport Queues

I've been known to go to the business counter in foreign airports on accident even when I'm flying coach. Be honest, you would do the same, right?

Loo Blah Nah: Only a Taste of Slovenia

Inherent in Guns & Butter is understanding that I will miss something when I visit a city for a limited time. Though I explored the city centre of Ljubljana, I will have to return to Slovenia before writing a definitive travel guide.

Four Points Ljubljana: Not Near the Centre

I was told this was a business hotel. I don't know anything about doing business in Slovenia and do not see myself conducting international trade here in the near future.

Ljubljana, Slovenia: My Kind of Town for Art

I had no plan when I landed in Slovenia, nor did I know what to expect. New the town, I do what I always do: walk around and see what I run into.

Air Serbia Tirana to Ljubljana: Fly Confident

While it was not as bad as TPOL's Worst Flight Experiences, the Air Serbia flight was what I expected. The plane was cramped, very old, and uncomfortable.

Canceled! TPOL’s Move to Albania

I hope you are enjoying the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL Trip Report. Looking at pictures from Mullixhiu, one of the best restaurants in Europe, and other great Tirana Restaurants, I was excited for...

Tirana, Albania: Fantastic Food & Drink Guide

I travel to eat and drink. And when I do, I do so in large quantities.

Mullixhiu Restaurant Tirana: This Is Why I Travel

Mullixhiu was voted one of the ten best restaurants in Europe.

Salt Block District Tirana, Albania: Where TPOL Will Live*

Remember when you jerks voted for TPOL to move to Tirana? I know you - the Ukranians, or perhaps a 400 lb fat guy in a basement - rigged the election because you thought it was a terrible place to live.

Guns & Butter: Albanian Riviera Travel Guide (Improv Edition)

I was given recommendations for where to go by my Albanian friend before I booked my trip. Even with this advice, this part of the trip was a bit of a mess.
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