Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Malindo Air Review: US Discount Carriers Take Note

I had one hour to make my connection when I arrived in KL. We were delayed on the runway for an hour so I was sure I would miss the connection. The flight attendant told me that when we arrived someone would be waiting for me at the gate with instructions on how to proceed.

JetBlue to Colombia: Taking Advantage Of A Flash Sale

Who wants to see more pics of the inside of an airplane? Nobody. This review has nothing to do with the flying machine I took to Cartagena and more to do with taking advantage of flash sales and getting over the stigma of flying coach. Unlike hoarders, I do not have a stash of points that keep me warm at night.

JetBlue Flight Review: The Good, The Bad, & The Crude

I'm back in New York City after my mileage run for the JetBlue Points Match promotion. There's certainly plenty to like about JetBlue but there are areas where the carrier shows its discount side...

JetBlue Flight Cancelled: Rebooked a Day Later?

Sunny skies in Chicago didn't prevent my JetBlue flight from being cancelled to New York this morning. Yesterday's weather in New York didn't cooperate with JetBlue's operations. Many flights had to be cancelled and...

JetBlue Points Match: Chicago Pizza Tomorrow

The clock is ticking on taking the flight for the JetBlue Points Match. Based on my schedule, points availability, and my craving for Chicago pizza, I just booked a flight to Chicago leaving bright and...

Goodbye Southwest, Hello JetBlue

And I can't fight this feeling anymore. I've forgotten what I started fighting for. Chase rejecting you on recon? All your Southwest points burned? No chance of requalifying for a companion pass? Then do as...

WOW Air! Bring Your Credit Card

This WOW Air Flight Review is part of the Whose Land? Iceland Trip Report which covers the following cities: Baltimore, Maryland Reykjavik, Iceland Here is the Picture Preview. You've seen the ads: $99 to Iceland. For that price,...

Vegas, Missed Flight Misery

TPOL did it again. Too much party in Vegas led to too much sleep the morning after. Jolted out of bed by the hotel phone ringing, I turned to the alarm clock which read...

Another Reason I Love Southwest Airlines

TPOL is in Miami right now shirking his New Year's resolution to stop traveling. I was supposed to go back to the City tomorrow but a quick check of the weather provided a strong...

EasyJet: Know Before You Go

EasyJet is not Southwest Airlines. It is more like Allegiant because you should 'expect everything, carry nothing'. I was looking for a cheap option to get from London to Athens after fog forced me to miss my flight to Poland. I had heard the horror stories of Ryanair and opted for Easyjet instead.
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