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Scoot SIN-BKK: Hard Product: Dreamliner, Soft Product: Not

Scoot Flight Review is part of the Reunion Tour Trip Report.

I first laughed when I heard, “We will be ‘scooting’ off to Bangkok. If you have any questions, ask our flight attendants, we call them Scootis.”

I laughed again when I heard: This is your captain. My name is Herman.

I laughed for the third time when I noticed that I was on board a 787 for a 2 hour 25 minute flight.

“Scooting away?” “Scootis?” “Herman?” A Dreamliner for this short flight from Bangkok to Singapore? Surely this was a joke.

a window of an airplane
787 drape-less window

I also noticed that I was sitting in the ‘business class’ part of the plane. I booked the ticket on a random website, eDreams, that was cheaper than Scoot. Included in the fare was a free drink, which the flight attendant insisted I order. In no mood to drink after a night out in Singapore (see Singapore Nightlife Guide: Hip Hip Hop-a You Don’t Stop), I obliged and asked for an Asahi. Then I proceeded to pass out. a row of seats in an airplane a seat on an airplane


Rather than leaving me in peace, the flight attendant came back later and shouted at me that my meal was here. I guess that is included in the fare as well. Shaken from my scoot slumber, I thought I would give the yam rice a try. I opened it and instantly regretted that decision. While Singapore is known for its delicious chicken rice (see Guns & Butter: Singapore Travel Guide) and SQ is known for its ‘Book the Cook’, this was the exact opposite. This was death served on a plastic plate. Try as I might, I could not contain the toxic gasses that escaped from this dreadful dish. I almost puked when I ate the tartare on my LOT flight from JFK to Warsaw (see LOT JFK-WAW: It’s How You Finish) and would have set off a domino effect of everyone on board vomiting had I taken a bite of this. It was so vile that I had to press the call button and have the flight attendant take it away.

food and drink on a table
Can you smell it?


I should have been flying SQ business to Hanoi (see Vietnam E-Visa Not Processed: Another TPOL Duck Up?).  Instead, I was trying to stop gagging from the garbage that I was served. Safe to say I was no longer laughing. The joke was on me.



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