One Stop Closer to Iraq: Priority Pass Vilnius Lounge Review


Narbutas Priority Pass Vilnius Lounge Review is part of the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report.

Does anyone care about the Priority Pass Lounge in Vilnius? I include it in the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report because Vilnius International Airport is where I received my much anticipated boarding pass for Baghdad, Iraq.

For those lounge lovers, here’s a quick review:


I was impressed by the fresh quinoa salad. The sandwiches weren’t bad either.


The liquor selection was suspect. Unless top-shelf spirits are offered, my days of hard drinks at the lounge are over.


I don’t know why blog readers demand photos of the seating. Hope these satisfy your seating fetish.

The executive chair at the entrance.


And that’s the lounge in Vilnius. Now, let’s go to Iraq (via Turkey).

What does narbutas mean? Narbutas is a Lithuanian language surname. It originates from the Lithuanian noble family Narbutai. Where else besides this blog will you receive that insider lounge knowledge?


  1. If you can described sandwiches on you pic as not bad then I suspect you don’t know much about food. And not to try Devynerior 999 on offer is plain stupid. But then I do find the tone of your blog arrogant. And arrogance goes hand in hand with ignorance. Don’t bother to reply, not likely to visit your idiotic blog again.

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