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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Priority Pass Singapore: Not SQ’s Private Room

Priority Pass Lounge Review Singapore is part of the Reunion Tour Trip Report.

Marhaba Singapore is not the SQ’s Private Room. The Private Room is the best lounge I have visited in terms of service and food selection (see all Lounge Reviews). Incidentally, I failed to write a review for the Private Room when I flew suite class all those years ago (see Singapore Airlines A380 Suite Class, My Turn).

I was in the Priority Pass Lounge because I could not fly SQ from SINBKK as originally planned (see Vietnam E-Visa Not Processed: Another TPOL Duck Up?). Instead, I was flying Scoot for the first time (see Hard Product: Dreamliner Soft Product: Not).

The lounge did not offer lobster thermador, nor did it have a private butler. It did have wine and high-end crackers. That’s all I deserved, given my logistical shortcomings.a wall with a sign on it

a room with a bar and chairs

a room with chairs and a wall

a room with chairs and tables

a refrigerator full of cans

a group of bottles of alcohol on a table

a glass of wine and a cracker on a table


Sometimes I spend plenty of time in a lounge, warranting a thorough lounge review. Sometimes I spend a few minutes in a lounge to recalibrate and recharge before the next leg of my adventure. Thus, the quality of the ‘lounge review’ will vary.


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